Her Wild Heart Productions

Creating Films and Media that inspires women and girls to flourish. Dealing with story and content that is encouraging to her wild heart. 

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We are a production company with the vision to give the female heart a voice through beautiful media, inspiring story and providing on the job training for women who want to grow in there skills in film production and media. Her wild heart projects seeks to bring women together to create friendships, provide meaning for their lives, inspire personal vision and give a platform for women to express and discover the beauty within their hearts and inspire those around them through media. We create films and media content that is educational in nature, inspiring visually and sheds light on mental, emotional and physical well being for women. We love the talent and skills men offer and seek to partner with men who want to build women up and support them in skill development in production with on the job training.



Create - Films and media with female talent that is inspirational and encouraging.

Provide- Job and mentoring opportunities for women and girls in film and media.

Support - Women and girls through whole friendship and positive media.

Promoting holistic health for girls and women.

Building confidence through educating and community.



We produce Films and Media with content that inspires her wild heart to flourish.


This content deals with subject matter and story that deals with mental, emotional, physical and relational health.


We promote through our media and films content that is inspirational , encouraging or educational in nature.